An Uninvited Sneaky Stepsis 3 way time

Katy Smooch was exhilarated her parents were going out of town. Now she could ultimately invite her beau over for some ultra-kinky blinded sex. She was planning it on the phone with him until her pesky stepsister Maya Kendrick embarked to eavesdrop. She told her to get the pound out and stop being nosy! Maya gave her the finger and ambled away. Several hours afterward the beau showcased up, and he commenced getting to it with her right away by seizing her backside and making out with her. They both were uber-cute and for these ultra-kinky shenanigans. Katy went to Maya right before they got into it and asked her to leave the mansion or something so they could have some intimate time. Maya of course neglected this. She went to spy on her stepsis while she drilled her beau and even embarked to join in on the fun. Just when they were both truly beginning to get wet, Katy noticed what the pound was going on. She was pissed, but the beau truly saved the situation when he explained that this was his deepest darkest fantasy. Katy then let her guard down and proceeded to share her boyfriends lollipop with her stepsister. Sharing is caring! really

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